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Very Nile is so much more than just beautiful, stylish and unique accessories. The initiative launched in 2018 is a social enterprise committed to developing sustainable solutions for a cleaner environment in and around the River Nile, with initiatives making a positive impact in the local area, providing employment opportunities, upcycling and recycling single use plastics and removing around 40 tons of inorganic waste every year from the Nile!

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The creation of Very Nile accessories is a key, exciting and inspiring part of this eco-friendly enterprise! Launched in 2020, the creative co-operative made up of women and girls from Qursaya, a Nile Island in the metropolitan region of Cairo, currently employs 21 artisans full-time, with an additional 30 women and girls employed on a project basis with on-the-job training provided.

Though none of the women had any previous experience working with upcycled plastics prior to joining Very Nile, their creative innovation, passion and shared vision has inspired hours of experimentation with upcycled materials, culminating in the perfection of their creative process and the production of a range of eye-catching, practical and durable fashion and lifestyle items. Before the creation of Very Nile, these women had limited access to sustainable income due to the limited opportunities for work on or off the island - now with the opportunities at Very Nile their lives are transformed, they are able to support their families through meaningful and enjoyable work and they can see a bright future where their new found creative talents are key to growing the phenomenon of eco-friendly, sustainable fashion both locally and internationally.

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Since it's inception, the project has gone from strength to strength, providing employment and skills development for local women, new products to the local market, a channel for recycling and re-using single use plastic bags preventing them from being put into landfill or polluting the local environment, and now, Very Nile even run workshops where members of the public can learn about the upcycling process and try their hand at creating their own eco-friendly accessories.

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All the women who work at Very Nile are considered 'co-creators' and bring their individual creativity and skill to the design and production process. They are proud of the fact that since production began in 2020, they have upcycled more than 35,000 single use plastic bags!

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Local residents and businesses can donate their single use plastic bags through the Egyptian Clothing Bank or at community collection points such as the one located outside the Osana Wholefood Cafe.

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One of the Very Nile team, Karima, is an inspiration to everyone! Since starting work at Very Nile she has developed her skills in handcrafting upcycled accessories. With the confidence boost that came with being a crucial part of the Very Nile creative process, Karima was motivated to actively pursue her dream of going to university. Using her salary from Very Nile to fund her place, she is now studying History with Open University whilst maintaining her full-time role at Very Nile. The whole team are extremely proud of her achievements. 


When you buy a Very Nile bag, you not only get a stylish, unique and practical accessory, but you also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are providing opportunities for the women of Qursaya as well as saving the planet through creating a cleaner Nile.

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