The Olive Tree Project

Palestinian families have cultivated olive trees for generations. An olive tree can live for centuries, producing a plentiful harvest and protecting Palestinian farm land from confiscation. The olive branch is internationally recognised as a symbol of peace but for Palestinians, the olive tree is increasingly viewed as a relatable symbol of resilience and steadfastness – thriving in the midst of a harsh environment.

When you sponsor the planting of a new olive sapling in the Holy Land, you are helping the Palestinian people maintain their ancient ties to the land; continuing an important source of income for the local community.

Each £15 tree sponsorship provides...

One olive sapling, the provision of irrigation pipes and water access, Assistance with planting, as well as classes for farmers, helping them improve production and employ best techniques for olive tree care.

What you receive:

A gift card, to keep or pass on as a gift, which contains details on how to register your tree.

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When you register your tree you will receive..

A planting certificate.*

Information about the land and farming community where your tree is planted.

Precise co-ordinates of your tree’s location – why not virtually visit your tree on Google Earth?

Information on our annual Olive Planting and Harvesting visits – this is your opportunity to visit your tree in person and meet the people whose lives have been changed by your generosity.

Email updates on The Olive Tree Project and related work.

[*NB: Trees sponsored after the end of Jan will not be planted until spring of the following year.
Planting certificates can only be sent once planting season is complete and all information has been collated; those who have registered olive trees throughout the year will usually receive their certificates from summer onwards.]