Meet the Maker - Zaytouna Jewellery - Samer Kattan - Silversmith

Meet the Maker - Zaytouna Jewellery

Founded in Bethlehem in 2005, Zaytouna Jewellery is a collaboration between talented artist Nadira Al Araj and Silversmithing father and son partnership Towfic and Samer Kattan. The creative trio use traditional techniques and the highest quality recycled sterling silver from a family-run Holy Land refinery to produce their unique and exquisite olive leaf jewellery.

Zaytouna Jewellery - How it's MadeSamer Kattan - SilversmithTowfic Kattan - Silversmith

Each sterling silver leaf is molded and cast from a fresh olive leaf harvested from the centuries old olive trees that grow on the hillsides of Bethlehem and Jerusalem, many of the trees dating back to Roman times when Jesus and his disciples walked these same hillsides.

When you wear a piece of fair trade Zaytouna Jewellery you are carrying a little piece of the Holy Land with you everywhere you go. You are wearing a famous symbol of peace and resilience and standing in solidarity with Palestinian people. Your jewellery has been handcrafted in the heart of Bethlehem and since each olive leaf is only used once, your jewellery is entirely unique.

Olive Leaf EarringsNadira harvesting olive leavesOlive Leaf Necklace

Zaytouna Jewellery are registered with the World Fair Trade Organisation so you can be sure that your sterling silver jewellery is made in an environment where artisans are safe, cared for, respected and paid fairly for their expertise. Zaytouna Jewellery is preserving and promoting the traditional craft of silversmithing and creating opportunities for future generations of artisans and if you’re wondering about the health of the local olive trees, all the leaves harvested for jewellery making are taken from pruned branches – all olive farmers must prune their trees annually to ensure their continued health and fruitfulness for years to come.

Scroll down to watch the journey of these unique, intricate and beautiful sterling silver olive leaves, from olive tree to jewellery box.

Buy your unique piece of Palestinian beauty now:

Sterling Silver Olive Leaf Earrings

Sterling Silver Olive Leaf Necklace

Olive Leaf Jewellery makes a perfect accompaniment to an Olive Tree Project Alternative Gift.


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