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Meet the Maker - West Bank Salt Company

This season we can offer, for the first time, the sought-after, luxurious, rejuvenating experience of Dead Sea Bath Salts.  Zaytoun sources the salt for their 100% natural, mineral rich, Dead Sea Bath Salts from the West Bank Salt Company – the only Palestinian Dead Sea Salt producer. 


Founded in 1960 by Othman Hallaq, the West Bank Salt Company continues to be a family-owned business, the only producer of salt in the West Bank and Gaza. They employ 100 workers from the local area and are proud to be partnering with fair trade associations, ensuring that working conditions are safe and pleasant for all employees and everyone receives a living wage, in this way West Bank Salt Company helps to provide for families in the local community. 


West Bank Salt Company’s refinery is located right on the shore of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on the globe, 424m below sea level. The whole refining process is natural which maintains the integrity of the minerals in the salt, this means that the product that reaches you from Zaytoun is the same quality as if you had dipped your hand into the Dead Sea and sifted it out yourself. 

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West Bank Salt Company also produce food grade salt and have been privileged to partner with the UN World Food Programme. Every year they produce 100 tonnes of table salt packaged into 1kg bags which is distributed by WFP, half to the West Bank and half to Gaza. The partnership has been mutually beneficial, pushing West Bank Salt Company to raise their standards and level of production and helping to fund the expansion of the work. 


As Hussam Hallaq, General Manager, says, ‘Salt is our life, it’s our livelihood. It’s resilience, it’s survival, that’s what salt means to me.’

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