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Meet the Maker - Muhra

Do you own a ‘power tie’ or a ‘power outfit’; that one ensemble that guarantees you look and feel your best and can effortlessly exude confidence?

An item of Muhra Jewellery is by far the most empowering accessory that you will ever add to your collection – not because it matches perfectly with your favourite business suit, though we’re sure it will, but because Muhra Jewellery is handcrafted by displaced Syrian women, rebuilding their lives in Istanbul – every bead threaded, sheet of brass hammered and accessory designed is literally empowering them to reclaim their place in society, build a better future for their families and earn a fair wage using their creative talents and ambitious vision.

Muhra, an Arabic word meaning ‘female foal’, is a growing social enterprise based in Istanbul. From its humble basement location in the city, the appropriately named Olive Tree Community Centre provides childcare, food, classes and training, workshops, social support and a workspace for the Muhra enterprise all under one roof!

As Naz, one of the language teachers at the centre says,

‘I think it is more than just a language class – I consider myself lucky to be part of this shared growth.’

Marwa, from Syria, is one of the craft co-ordinators, she is proud to be part of Muhra and credits the project with giving her back power over her own life, to become an entrepreneur and support herself and her family using her creative skills. It is not only beautiful jewellery that Muhra is producing but also a beautiful family and support network for all involved. Marwa puts it like this,

‘In the process, a community has formed that we have not known since our previous lives.’

It is evident from even a cursory glance through Muhra’s extensive collection of exquisite designs, that these women are about more than just making pretty accessories. Every product is given a meaningful name which speaks to the heart and inspiration behind the design and the wider story of hope and empowerment that is being told. The creation of each new product seems to be like the opening sentence of a new chapter being penned in Muhra’s story.

This season, Embrace are pleased to feature Muhra’s Quill Earrings in our range. Take a look at what the artisans have to say about this beautiful product,

‘The Quill that scribes the poem is supported by the gift of a bird's feather. Light, sturdy and beautiful. We too are authoring our own stories, expressing ourselves and supporting each other. We are hopeful. We are resilient. We are traditional. We are adapting. We are sure. We are on our way, driven forward by our inner feminine courage. We share ourselves and the poem we are writing with you.’

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more meaningful and unique gift for your loved ones. As the Muhra artisans, who operate each day with the perfect blend of pride and humility, encourage us,

‘Share our stories far and wide…the world is waiting to hear.’

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