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BtDt: Been There Done That

Lebanon is a country experiencing continued economic and political turmoil. While many residents have had to abandon their homes, there are Lebanese entrepreneurs who have chosen to remain amidst huge challenge and are forging ahead, using their creative skills to bring new exclusively Lebanese products to the market. 

Alain Toufic, an experienced printer, and his wife Sandra, a talented graphic designer, have remained in Lebanon, combined their skills and founded BtDt: Been There Done That – a company producing beautiful and unique stationery from 100% recycled paper.

Been There Done That Logo - Made in Lebanon

The paper for each BtDt product is Lebanese paper which has been recycled and reformed into quality paper and card which is then printed with Sandra’s original designs to create this trendy and eco-friendly stationery.

Watch Alain & Sandra creating and printing the paper for BtDt products:

Alain & Sandra are proud of their environmentally conscious brand which seeks to promote greater environmental awareness and responsibility in Lebanon. Been There Done That also make it a priority to work with young Lebanese designers, artists and printers – providing work experience for those training in the creative industry and showcasing their artistic talents. Been There Done That are strengthening the local print industry in Lebanon and are making a positive contribution to gradually turning the tide of the catastrophic economic situation in Lebanon.

It is rare to find a printed product which is made in Lebanon using locally sourced materials - most products and materials have to be imported at great expense. In this sense Been There Done That are a pioneering company and quite a feather in Lebanon's cap. They are becoming renowned as local eco-friendly producers and they can be found exhibiting every Saturday at the busy and popular local market Souk el Tayeb.

BtDt at Souk el TayebBtDt at Souk el Tayeb

You can do your part in supporting the local artisans of Lebanon by choosing the BtDt Wonderpack as your next stationery purchase or as a special and meaningful gift for a loved one. Stand up for 100% planet-friendly, life-changing products and stand out at your desk, in the classroom or on the high street with stylish stationery.

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Meet Alain on his stall at Souk el Tayeb