The olive tree is a universal symbol of peace and a powerful symbol of Palestinian rootedness in their land. 

An olive tree can live for centuries. Olive groves hold huge cultural significance for Palestinian farmers whose families have owned the land for generations. 

Sponsoring an olive tree means you are helping the Palestinian people maintain their ancient ties to the land, preserving an important source of income and sustenance.

Planted on fields at risk of confiscation, your tree will produce a harvest of fruit that can be used for oil and soap products. Sturdy saplings are planted, with tubing to protect them and irrigation pipes for fields that have access to water.

Sponsorship covers the cost of the olive sapling, planting and classes for farmers on the best techniques for olive tree care and production improvement as well as some project implementation costs.

On sponsoring a tree, you'll be sent a gift card which you can keep or pass on as a gift. It contains details on how to register your tree, after which you'll receive:

Olive tree planting season starts in February and can last for many months depending on project implementation, weather and various political factors.

*Planting certificates are sent to those who have registered their trees when planting season is completed and all the information is gathered, usually as the summer starts. Any trees sponsored after the end of January will not be planted until spring of the following year.

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