When you buy someone an Alternative Gift you are making a donation on their behalf to Embrace the Middle East and supporting Christians who put the love of Christ into practical action, relieving suffering and bringing hope.


How we use your donations

Because of you, even within the difficult context of the Middle East, a strong and well-resourced Christian community is helping to turn life around for those in desperate circumstances.




When you buy a gift, your donation will be allocated to one of five project categories meaning your gift will go to a cause you really care about.


Gifts of education

Education is key to tackling poverty and injustice. Investing in education is one of the most powerful and effective ways to help people lift themselves out of poverty while giving them the skills that will change their lives and the lives of all around them.

Your gifts will teach mums to read and write, and they pass those skills on to their children who have been unable to go to school themselves because of war, displacement or because they can’t afford it.

You’ll also send kids to school and provide school books, pens, paper and even a library where resources are scarce.


An equal world

Women, girls and people with disabilities are among the most vulnerable, oppressed and stigmatised in the Middle East. Their rights and needs are seldom met. Your gifts will promote and protect women's rights, and the rights of disabled people to fair employment, healthcare and even the right to vote.

You’ll provide young women with training to be mentors so they can help girls achieve their dreams. And you will support projects where Christians fight for an end to sex-based violence, including FGM. 


Building for the present and the future

Our Christian partners build for the present: They bring bricks and water and roofs, turning derelict buildings and tattered tents into homes. They connect water pipes, and provide cooking equipment. They run hygiene classes and cookery courses bringing health to whole families and communities.

Then they build for the future: They open nursing schools, and train teachers. They run child protection courses. And your gifts help our partners directly too so they can gain skills in project management, ensuring all your gifts are used effectively and to make the most impact. Financial processing packages might sound a bit dull, but our partners ask us to help them become resilient as they serve the people around them so they can live life in all its abundance.  


Responding in a crisis

Conflict continues to place enormous pressures on refugees and the countries hosting them. From food parcels, to medication and Baby Survival Kits, your gifts help Christians in the Middle East be in a position to respond when needed.

Your gifts help doctors to reach the most vulnerable, providing a medical clinics for those unable to access basic healthcare due to poverty and lack of transport.  You help provide emergency food parcels and the fuel needed to keep the lights on in hospitals. 

These are all life-saving gifts for someone in need.


Making peace

Your gifts will support projects that bring peace and reconciliation in a region where conflict can be a part of everyday life.

Middle East Christians act as agents of change in their own communities bringing together people of all faiths and none to meet, learn about each other and build friendships that will last and brings waves of change to the region.

Gifts will support advocacy activities and our partners' campaign work against social and political discrimination.


How you help when you buy an Alternative Gift.

Your gift is a donation to the work our trusted Christian partners do. We’ll use your generosity to bring as much positive change as possible.

Here's an example of what that can look like when you buy a ‘Loo for you’ gift. You’ll help pay for: