Our Alternative Gifts are unique presents which directly tackle poverty and injustice in the Middle East. 

How does it work?

Choose a gift from our latest range of Alternative Gifts which are donations towards the work of Embrace for a specific project or item. You might choose to buy pens and paper for school children, to support a clinic providing local healthcare to mums and babies, or a food parcel for a Syrian refugee.

You'll get a card which details how the gift is used and also includes a fridge magnet or a feel-good bookmark.

Give your card away!

You can give the card to a loved one instead of (or as well as!) a material gift. It’s a wonderful way of recognising the true meaning of Christmas, marking a special anniversary, or simply thanking someone for being a great friend.

The amount of your donation is not shown, so the recipient will not know how much you have spent.

And smile...

...as our trusted Christian partners in Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt make sure your gift goes straight to the communities that really need it, transforming lives and bringing smiles.

Where does my money go?

Each of our Alternative Gifts represents a contribution to projects making a difference to the people served by our Christian partners. The entire price of the gift will be used to support the project detailed. However, if the project becomes fully funded we will apply the gift to a similar project, or where the need is the greatest.

Make your gift go even further!

Because these gifts are donations, we can claim Gift Aid and increase the value of your donation by 25% at no extra cost to you. If you are a UK tax payer, just tick the box when you are placing your order and we will do the rest.

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