AG82 - Love of reading
AG82 - Love of reading AG82 - Love of reading (Front and back) AG82 - Love of reading (Inside) AG82 - Love of reading (Bookmark)

At Dbayeh Refugee Camp near Beirut, Lebanon, unemployment is high; poverty and overcrowding make life difficult for all ages.

The Love of Reading Alternative Gift supports the library and community centre at the heart of the camp providing access to books. The library is a safe space for children who are having problems at home or need extra support with their schoolwork.

This gift will help provide books and activities for children, opening up a world of imagination and inspiration.

By buying an Alternative Gift you are making a donation on behalf of a loved one to a Christian-led project that is changing lives. Lives and communities are being transformed because of your generosity! Thank you!

When you buy an Alternative Gift, you will receive a card with details of the project and people who have been helped to pass on to a loved one. It also includes a feel-good bookmark.

Because your gift is a donation, if you are able, you can add Gift Aid. Just tick the box in the checkout and we'll do the rest.

Find out more about how our Alternative Gifts work.

Product CodeAG82
Size10 x 15cm (card)

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