LEBF - A Lebanese Feast book
LEBF - A Lebanese Feast book

This cornucopia of delicious vegetable recipes has been assembled by Mona Hamdeh. It focuses on those recipes that make Lebanese cuisine one of the healthiest in the world because of the huge variety of vegetarian dishes on which it is based.

Vegetable and pulse dishes are what most Lebanese prefer to eat most of the time. This book includes, of course, the famous mezze and speciality sweets and also food from the rural mountains, traditional dishes from the north and south along the Mediterranean coast, and street food including familiar Falafel wraps. These are affordable recipes that often turn only a few simple ingredients into a delicious meal with a stunning combination of flavours.

The majority of these dishes are suitable for vegans as dairy and eggs are seldom used in cooking.

Packed full of gorgeous photos and easy to follow recipes.

Product CodeLEBF
Size19 x 24.5cm
288 page paperback

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