KNITK - Knitting kit
KNITK - Knitting kit KNITK - Knitting kit - knitted samples

Packed in a beautiful old-fashioned suitcase, this Knitting Kit has everything needed to learn this ever-popular craft. Not only will this knitting kit keep your children happy, they will learn how to knit - fast.

Within an hour or two they'll be able to create a knitted pet or little purse; then they can try to knit fingerless mittens or a fun bobble hat. The sense of achievement is sure to make them smile.

The kit contains everything needed to make all these projects as well as clear simple instructions.

Contents: six balls of high quality double knit wool, bamboo needles, needle kit with plastic and metal sewing needles and pins, scissors, tape-measure, felt squares and buttons.

Product CodeKNITK
Price£14.99  £11.50
SizeBox 25 x 17 x9cm