Alternative Gifts


When you give an Alternative Gift you are changing lives in the Middle East; supporting our Christian partners who put the love of Christ into practical action, relieving suffering and bringing hope in their communities.

You can choose to give the gift of education, healthcare, equal opportunity, safety, care in a crisis and so much more! An Alternative Gift is so much more than a card, it is the gift of hope and a bright future. 

Every penny that you spend on Alternative Gifts is a donation and goes directly to the Middle East, to the people who need it most.

What actually happens when you buy an Alternative Gift?

 Your gift is a donation which supports the work our trusted Christian partners do. 

We’ll use your generosity to bring as much positive change as possible.

For example when you buy a ‘Loo for you’ gift, we send you a gift card to keep or pass on to a loved one, then we process your donation. Once your money gets to the Middle East it could pay for any of the following:

  • Materials, tools and labour to help install basic items in a home, like loos, pipes, a door, access to clean water and other functional items that might be needed.
  • Hygiene classes for local families to help them stay healthy at home.
  • Lobbying governments: encouraging investment in home building and health education.
  • Project costs: delivering immediate and long-term benefits effectively and efficiently.

Each Alternative Gift belongs to one of our five key project categories:

  • Gifts of education
  • An equal world
  • Building for the present and the future
  • Responding in a crisis
  • Making peace

Your donation will be allocated to the relevant category, enabling you to fund a cause you really care about.

Gifts of education

Investing in education is one of the most powerful and effective ways to help people lift themselves out of poverty; giving them essential skills to improve their own lives and make a difference in their communities.

You give the gift of confidence, self-worth and independence as your donations teach literacy and numeracy skills to both children and adults who have previously been unable to access education due to war, displacement, or because they couldn’t afford it.

Gifts of education provide essential resources such as school books, pens, paper and even a library in the poorest communities, where resources are scarce, giving everyone the opportunity to learn in a safe, secure and inspiring environment.

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An equal world

Women, girls and people with disabilities are among the most vulnerable, oppressed and stigmatised in the Middle East. Their rights and needs are seldom met. 

Your donation promotes and protects the rights of women and those with disabilities to fair employment, access to education and healthcare and even the opportunity to vote.

Your generous support can:

  • Train young women to be mentors, helping girls achieve their dreams.
  • Funds projects that campaign for an end to sex-based violence, including FGM.
  • Provide resources and staff for innovative education and rehabilitation projects for those with special educational needs and physical disabilities.

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Building for the present and the future

Building for the present means making essential emergency repairs.

Your gifts help our Christian partners provide bricks, water pipes, roofing and cooking equipment, turning derelict buildings and tattered tents into homes. They also run hygiene and cookery classes, introducing whole communities to safer, healthier living.

Building for the future means opening nursing schools, training teachers and running child protection courses; improving the quality of life across the Middle East and creating self-sustaining communities. Your gifts help our partners directly too as they continue to develop project management skills, ensuring every penny of their funds is used effectively to make the greatest impact.

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Buy a Pair of Glasses

Responding in a crisis

Conflict continues to place huge pressures on refugees and the countries hosting them. Your gifts enable our Christian partners in the Middle East to be in a position to respond quickly, efficiently and generously when help is most needed.

Your donations pay for emergency food parcels, hygiene kits, medication and pop-up clinics, helping aid workers provide life-saving care for those who would otherwise miss out due to poverty or lack of transport. These are all essential gifts for someone in need.

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Making peace

Your gifts will support projects that bring peace and reconciliation in regions where conflict can be a part of everyday life.

Middle East Christians promote peace in their own communities by bringing together people of all faiths and none to learn about each other, build lasting friendships and work together on community projects that will create ripples of change across their region.

Your generosity can help to fund advocacy activities and campaigning against social and political discrimination.

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