Meet our Makers - Muhra

Posted by Dan OCallaghan on


Established in 2016 to provide accessible work opportunities for Syrian refugee women who had fled to Istanbul to escape conflict, Muhra Jewellery is a Fairtrade collective based on Love, Respect, Cooperation & Commitment.

For women like Reem, Muhra provided the first opportunity to earn any money after fleeing Syria. She was able to buy new clothing for her teenage daughter for the first time in two years. She says: 

‘I’d never made earrings before, but these ones are beautiful, and I feel happy whenever I complete one – it’s like making music with your hands. In Aleppo there was no water, food or electricity. I would make a million earrings if it means we never have to experience that again.’

Every time you purchase Muhra Jewellery, you are partnering with these hardworking women, enabling them to build a hope-filled future for themselves and their communities.